Small to Large Transition Challenge

January - June 2019 | Tysons Corner, VA



During each of the six-sessions of the program, you will learn about two critical topics that need to be address in your graduation plan. Each session ends with time to work with GovCon specialists on your specific graduation plan.  Workbooks will provide a series of questions and assessments to help you understand where your business is today as a small business, how it needs to evolve to meet the demands of full-and-open competition and what steps you can take to best position your business for the transition.  The program accommodates a maximum of 15 companies, enabling a cohort to develop as you take this journey together.


When the program is complete, you will have created a small business graduation plan to empower your team to confidently prepare for the transition.  Your take-away will be a workbook that includes the lesson plans on 12 critical aspects of graduation and speaker’s notes from business owners who’ve been where you are and successfully made the transition to full-and-open competition.  In addition, you will have collaborated with other business owners with whom you share a common goal and connected with the industry SMEs you’ll want to draw upon as you execute your graduation plan.

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Decision to Graduate
  • Define small business graduation: 8A program versus other set-aside work

  • Benefits and risks of graduating

  • Graduation process from preparation to completion

  • Expectations during this process


Early bird pricing through January 10

$6000 First Participant from a Company
$4000 additional


Standard pricing starts January 11
$7500 First Participant from a Company
$5000 additional




Heather Newlin



Value Proposition
  • Case studies of strong - neutral - weak company value propositions

  • Discriminators providing unique value (within an agency, across industry)

  • Elevator speech - beyond the set-aside labels

  • Differences between capability, solutions and staffing

Pipeline Diversification
  • Pipeline metrics (set-aside/full-n-open, prime/sub, agency)

  • Nature of competition after graduating

  • Connection between strategy and pipeline

  • Options for transitioning small business contracts

Sales Growth
  • Best-in-class methods in GovCon

  • How to hire, incent, lead high performing sales teams 

  • Understand teaming agreements, partnerships, joint ventures, small-large reversals

  • Reasons to growth through acquisition

  • Framework for acquisition strategy / target identification

  • Options to fund an acquisition

  • Deal team:  members, roles, compensation

Growth via Acquisition
  • Best-in-class methods in GovCon

  • Hire, incent, lead high performing sales teams 

  • Understand teaming agreements, partnerships, joint ventures, small-large reversals

Corporate Leadership
  • Moving from a culture of loyalty to performance

  • Difficult conversations with people no longer meeting the company’s needs

  • When to hire a C-suite:  CFO, COO

  • If / when to bring on an external CEO

Corporate Boards
  • Advisory versus fiduciary

  • How to compensate a board

  • How to recruit a board

  • Effectively utilizing a board

Preparing To Exit -Business Considerations
  • What buyers are looking for

  • What drives value

  • Seller's qualitative review:  purpose and value

  • EBITDA levers:  what increases and decreases profit

Maturing Operations
  • Planning and prioritizing operational maturity

  • Effective staff meetings and operating reviews

  • Out-sourcing versus in-sourcing:  when and why

  • Shifting financials from accountant to controller to CFO

Preparing For Sale -
Personal Considerations
  • What does success look like

  • What does life look like after the sale

  • Are you willing to stay on after the sale

  • Defining financial expectations

What's Next?
Beyond This Program
  • How to stay focused

  • Making time to work on the business and not just in the business

  • Breaking plans down into action steps and metrics