GovCon Growth

Making the Transition to

Graduation and More!

Spring Cohort | Tysons Corner, VA



A select cohort of 15 non-competing GovCon CEOs and their COO or other C-Suite participants work collaboratively with CEO Guest Speakers who successfully graduated to create their graduation strategy.  CEO's dedicate one morning per month over six months to work "ON" their business and address the biggest challenge and risk of small businesses:  stalling on the way to the next levels of growth. The expert facilitation team interacts one-on-one to ensure the lessons learned and best practices from the CEO Guest Speakers are translated into actionable plans.

In this interactive program, participants apply best practices and lessons learned from GovCon Giants to create a tailored small business graduation plan. Guided by experts, address:

  • Defining your value proposition

  • Expanding your pipeline

  • Moving from loyalty-based to professional leadership

  • Deciding if, when and how to establish a board

Attending with a cohort of other GovCon CEOs, you will gain insights into how others are dealing with the same struggles you are.  A former GovCon general manager will serve as your lead facilitator throughout the 6-month program, addressing your questions and assisting you apply the content to your business.  Highly respected GovCon CEOs who have successfully graduated share their stories and how they navigated small business graduation. Well known industry professionals provide best practices and lessons learned from the thousands of businesses they’ve advised.  

A team of 20 GovCon specialists takes the mystery out of preparing for small business growth and graduation, breaking down the process into actionable steps.  By the end of the six-month program, you have developed a working plan for the steps your team to successfully transition your business from set-aside to full-and-open competition, further organic gorwht, M&A or exit planning.



Early bird pricing through January 15

$6000 CEO Participant
$4000 C-Suite Additional Participant

Standard pricing starts January 16
$7500 CEO Participant
$5000 C-Suite Additional
Participant l




Heather Newlin